Shimadzu Forestry

Developing the land,
protecting the environment

Forestry was the first enterprise undertaken by Shimadzu Ltd. when the company was founded in 1922. We carefully maintain our forests so that they are not only pleasant to look at, but also so that they are safe from forest fires. As well as absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, forests have recently become an important part of water conservation. Shimadzu Ltd. owns forests with an area of 2585 hectares, and the Forestry Division presently maintains 2046 hectares.

Efficient Use of Resources

About 70% of the forest area managed by the Forestry Division is man-made and consists of cedar and cypress trees used in homebuilding. Material that is not suitable for use in building is used to fuel biomass power generation. This prevention of waste and production of sustainable resources is a key part of our company ethic.

Our Forests

Yoshinoyama (Kagoshima City, Aira City)
Uchinoura (Kimotsuki-gun, Kimotsuki-cho)
Haruyama (Kagoshima City, Haruyama-cho)
Kohira (Kirishima City, Yokogawa-cho)

Forestry Division

4056 Miyanoura-cho
Kagoshima City