Shimadzu Crushed Stone

Supporting infrastructure with quality materials

Crushed stone is a vital component of road and railroad building and forms the base on which infrastructure lies. Our first crushed stone plant at Ryugamizu was opened in 1954, and provided the foundation for many public works projects. Presently the plant is located at Hiramatsu, and produces high quality stone which is used as a cushioning layer under roads.

Kagoshima’s Infrastructure

Kagoshima was heavily bombed by the American armed forces towards the end of the World War II, resulting in the destruction of much of the city. During the post-war rebuilding efforts, crushed stone was needed as a cushion to be used in the construction of roads and railways. Stone taken from the mountains owned by the Shimadzu family and used as ballast was the start of the Crushed Stone Division.

Superior Stone Quality

Most of the crushed stone produced in Kagoshima City is made from igneous rock, and is too soft to be used as ballast for road construction. High quality stone for use in road building is only available in a few locations in Kagoshima. At the Hiramatsu plant, the crushed stone is made from the highest quality andesite rock, which is highly resistant to water.

Crushed Stone Division Sales Department Hiramatsu Plant

Hiramatsu 10694
Kagoshima City