Recruitment Q&A

  • How does the recruitment process work?
    The application process begins in March each year. We will contact all entrants with detailed instructions on how to continue the application process.
  • Is it possible to choose which department to work in?
    The company will decide, but all employees are given the opportunity to work in a number of different departments during a training period.
  • Will there be job transfers once I have joined the company?
    There are transfers between different divisions of the company at regular intervals.
    All of the divisions of Shimadzu Limited are located in Kagoshima City, so there is no need to relocate.
  • Can I request to be transferred to a different department?
    The company will decide on the best place for employees to work, however requests to move to a particular department may be considered if the applicant is suitable for the job in question.
  • I’m not from Kagoshima. Can I still apply?
    Of course! There are plenty of employees at Shimadzu Limited who are from areas other than Kagoshima. We also have full time staff members from overseas.