Shimadzu Golf Club

Kagoshima’s best loved course
only 30 minutes from the city centre

Shimadzu Golf Club, founded in 1978, lies deep in the mountains above Kagoshima City. The famous 18 hole, 6811 yard course is known for its wide fairways, dynamic layout and fast green. Enjoy the view of active volcano Sakurajima as you play the course, then enjoy the Clubhouse lounge and restaurant.

Challenging Green

Shimadzu Golf Club is particularly famous for its fast green. Most stimpmetered putting greens have a length of approximately 8 feet, but at Shimadzu the length is 9-10 feet. This is about the same as professional women’s golf tournament speed, making for an exciting fast paced, yet challenging game. Professional men’s tournament length is 10-12 feet, and Master’s tournaments are played on greens with 13-14 feet length.

Yoshino Ranch

During the Sengoku period (1467-1603) the land on which Shimadzu Golf Club sits was used as the Satsuma domain horse ranch. During the Edo period (1603-1868) it became known as Yoshino Farm, and each year in April, samurai would gather here in order to drive the horses into pens for breaking. The horses used by the Shimadzu were imported Arabians which were much larger than domestic Japanese horses.

Shimadzu Golf Club

Miyanoura-cho 4092-2
Kagoshima City